AirPlus Case With Wireless Charging For Your AirPods

Jason Loomis
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Charge Your AirPods in Style

The latest innovation in phone accessory technology might just be the coolest one yet. With the introduction of the new AirPlus charging case for wireless earbuds, your favorite music can be played without having to plug in your earbuds or your phone.

As all of your favorite songs are downloaded direct to your AirPods, you can just pop them in and let them play as you go about your day and socialize with friends and family without feeling tethered to your device.

The new AirPlus features a wireless charging case. You can just drop them on the AirPlus station and they will automatically begin to charge.

What’s more, this brand new case features a battery that is actually bigger than the original, giving you even more charging hours. Charging your AirPods will no longer require that you keep them attached to a power outlet.

In addition to charging the newly upgraded AirPods, this new charging case will also keep your case safe and intact. You will no longer have to worry about your earbuds falling out of your pocket, or losing them in your purse, just keep them stored inside the wireless charging case.

If the battery of your AirPods is low, just place them on the AirPlus case and in two hours, you will have a fully charged set of earbuds.

AirPlus is Durable and Easy To Use

The AirPlus includes a protective shell that’s made from the same silicone material that Apple uses. It’s not surprising that this case is definitely Apple-certified and built to last. I’ve never had any problems with it falling apart. Also, all buttons are still super responsive and don’t get stuck.

The charging case is easy to open. I simply slid my fingernail along the seam. It snapped open easily and easily snapped back together.

Once you’ve placed your AirPods in their case, lock the case back together and then simply top the case with the lid.

The lid design is an ingenious way to lock the case. The cut out lets you clip the lid on and then the lid grips on to the case so it’s waterproof.

It’s such a fluid way to lock the case that you feel the experience was designed by Apple in-house.

The lid is a blend of Polypropylene and Polycarbonate.

This means that it is extremely light and can stand up to most everyday bumps and nicks. Apple clearly made this lid with care and attention to detail.