Amazing Dog Costume: Two Pirates Carrying Treasure (pic)

Jason Loomis
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Don’t worry, it’s not real treasure … just dinner and a peanut butter toy.

I was sitting outside today talking with some neighbors while our dogs basked in the sun and a fifth neighbor stopped to visit. He was stuck for a moment when his dog, a yellow lab with black spots (also named Ned…go figure) noticed another dog from afar and started pulling him along like he was in a harness and leash.

The neighbor’s dog was looking at a reddish-brown German Shepard sitting in the shade from the other direction. The lab dog was pulling with all his might until he got close enough that the GSD let out a low growl. The lab dog stopped in his tracks with his tail between his legs and started whimpering. A few moments later, he slowly inched away to sniff a tree and then plopped down at his owner’s feet.

The dog owners had a good laugh over that but I sat there thinking there must be some dog out there that is a brownish black with a lot of curly hair. I already have one and I need a second.