Amazon Polls Consumers: PS4 or Xbox One…The Results Are Staggering

Jason Loomis
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Amazon seems to be a force of its own—and this can be said not only about its product line-up or its successful app store, but also about its robust user data. It’s a no brainer why the online retail powerhouse has such a big interest in PS4 and Xbox One. After all, more than 75% of its consumers have an account and if any of its customers have a child who acts like my son, then Amazon can very well create a potentially lucrative marketplace.

Regardless, it’s an interesting development. Microsoft and Sony have all the outlets and resources available to have statistics on which platform is more popular. For instance, the Nielsen data shows that the total gamers in the US have increased by 2.2 million since 2012 from 234 million to 236.2 million. This is a mere fraction of the potential market available to the two companies.

Amazon has expanded beyond its original online retail roots and now it’s one of the most dominant internet companies on the planet. By entering this hotly contested arena, Amazon has the power to single-handedly shift the direction of this battle. A lot of people predicted that this would happen and in light of Jeff Bezos’s recent battle against the publisher Hachette, it’s even more clear where Amazon’s allegiance lies.