Angee Home Security System Raises over $470,000 on Kickstarter, Protects with Spinning Camera

Jason Loomis
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Automating our homes with smart devices has become a mainstream trend.

However, as Professor Xiao demonstrates, there's still a lot of value in adding physical components to your network of devices, especially when it comes to providing security.

The Angee AI-powered home security system is his latest crowdfunded product, and it's already been three times overfunded.

The first part of what makes Angee interesting is that it doesn't employ any of the newfangled gadgets that you commonly see on crowdfunding sites. It doesn't have a smartphone app or a set of Wi-Fi-connected sensors on the inside of your house. It doesn't even have any artificial intelligence built in, which is kind of strange since it's AI-powered.

Instead of any of that stuff, Angee just comes with a simple, unassuming camera that you can point at anything you'd like to keep an eye on.

Xiao doesn't include a video of the sensor itself, but a few quick Google image searches show that it's basically just a point-and-shoot camera with a horizontal axis. He tells us that Angee is working on getting a design patent for their formula from Chinese authorities.