Apple Mac Mini Vs. Samsung Chromebox (comparison)

Jason Loomis
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Chromebox comes in a white rectangular plastic case. It measures about 8.86 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 1.15 inches in thickness. It weighs about 1.25 pounds. It has a narrow side on the front of the PC with a single USB 3.0 port along with headphone jack, line-in port, power-in, and SD card reader. The rear side of the box has an additional two USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port. The power adapter is included in the purchase.

The box is pre-installed with Google’s Chrome OS. It also allows users to connect an external display with a USB-C to HDMI. Supported video file formats comprise 1080p and 720p H.264, MPEG-4, and VP8 video formats. The boxes are powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 7270 dual-core processor and the power is provided by a Samsung’s ARM Chromebook SoC. The processor has a clock speed of 1.7 GHz for laptops.

The Mac Mini has an overall dimension of 6.61 x 6.61 x 1.4 inches. It weighs about three pounds. It has a sleek aluminum chassis with a removable bottom panel. The Mac Pro also comes with a LED status light at the front. The power supply is included in the purchase of the Mac Mini.