AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV

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AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV Compared

Satellite and cable providers continuously add channels and security systems to provide the best experience for their customers. All of them stress different aspects and features better than the competition. Additionally, there are also other important variables to consider when weighing satellite vs cable, such as cost and contact center support. The following chart will help you get on the right track when comparing AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV.

Special Features

AT&T U-verse with wireless remote has made television-watching a hands-off experience. Its remote access features enable users to turn on the TV by stepping inside home, or turning it off when leaving.

U-verse also comes with one-of-a-kind online viewing experience. You can watch live television, recorded shows, and on demand programs for seven days from anywhere.

The service also gives you free access to download to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from a library of more than 100,000 titles. All you need is an AT&T U-verse wireless internet USB receiver. You can also access the library through your smart phone.

AT&T U-verse is also a breeze to set up. Within a few days of signing up, you can have the television up and running. It’s user-friendly programming makes it easy for anyone to use. Plus, you can schedule your DVR, access your saved programs, get the latest headlines, and stream your favorite content at one convenient place … the TV.

TV And Internet Bundles

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

Just when you think technology has reached its peak, a new advancement gives us more excitement than we think we can ever handle.

If you are a news junkie and are sold on AT&T Uverse and DirecTV, some AT&T Internet and DirectTV bundles can be a great way to go.

This is especially true if you use the Internet connection for entertainment and online shopping as well.

If you want large savings from your bundled AT&T and DirecTV deal then connect your TV to U-verse and get the U-verse Internet bundle.

Anytime you bundle your DirecTV with your AT&T Internet, AT&T offers a discounted price that is not available by itself.

Also, when you are paying for your package, you are not thinking about your extra expenses, but untick the add-on bundles offered by AT&T and possible you will enjoy more savings.

Some offers include a free year of HBO or Showtime.

Talk and Text Bundle with DirecTV from At&t

This is a sweet deal where you get bundles of AT&T products and AT&T offers a variety of products to choose from.

You can choose up to FOUR services or bundles for unlimited calling and text.