Auto Water Spraying Dog Collar Stops Your Pooch In His Barking Tracks

Jason Loomis
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Dane Cross is a modern day genius. Not only does he manage to invent a collar that sprinkles dogs with sizzling water to teach them not to bark, but he's also successfully sold the idea to buyers on YouTube.

According to the description on Dane’s video, the collar works by using a combination of sensors. Two sensors detect when your dog barks, the first one triggers a spray of water, and then a second one resets the system waiting for your dog to bark again. The result is fewer barking as well as less wasted water.

But is it safe? Apparently yes, but Dane recommends not letting your dog wear the collar for more than seven hours a day. Users will also need to make sure the collar is positioned correctly, if it’s not then the sensors may not properly read your dog’s barking.

So now we know how the product works and we know how to use it. But the big question is, will it actually solve the barking problem? It’s hard to say for sure without seeing it in real use, but the collar seems to have potential.