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Did you know chimes are a great way to keep your spirits lifted and your focus on the positive things in your life?

Not to mention, best way to keep feng shui in balance (imho).

Our home is filled with all types of bells and chimes, from rain to wind chimes, singing bowls, bells, crystal singing bowls and even some garden chimes.

The lovely thing about bells and chimes, they are easy to use in so many rooms of your house and they come in every size and shape.

From the subtle sound of raindrops to the strong tones of Tibetan singing bowls, adding chimes to your home décor, garden, patio, inside and even a wall hanging.

Below is an overview of some of the best quality chimes to buy.

TreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single RowBest OverallTreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single Row
WB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar ChimesBudget PickWB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar Chimes

1. TreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single Row

Our rating: 10 / 10

TreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single Row

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  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from genuine walnut wood; not cheap plastic imitations
  • The Design, Material, and Craftsmanship are unmatched and superior to its larger competitors
  • Premium Package comes with a Deluxe Carrying Case for easier transportation
  • Extremely durable; the company itself pledges that every product will be playable for three generations or more
  • Easy to hang
  • Can be played with a mallet or tapped with a fingernail, but most people prefer to just clap, creating a more musical effect
  • Great for year round use; makes a great gift for any occasion
  • It’s in the Guinness World Records book as the WORLD’S LARGEST WOODEN WIND CHIME


  • When buying direct from the website it can be pricey, but shipping is included in the price of the chime
  • Some people might find the sound too soft for their liking
  • When played outside, the wind can carry it away
  • It’s not recommended to use this chime in the rain, and must be stored indoors when not in use

2. Luvay 25-Bar Chimes Percussion Instruments

Our rating: 9 / 10

Luvay 25-Bar Chimes Percussion Instruments

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  • Seem very durable
  • The sound is fantastic
  • Not too expensive

This is a great set for the price. They're sturdy, and the sound is clear and not too 'tinny'. They're a softer sound than I'm used to.

First thing that's worth mentioning is that there are a few options for decibel levels as well as note. I don't hear a difference in the notes (I need some help from a music teacher friend on that one), but the lowest level is nice and quiet. Perfect if you live near people who are easily annoyed.

While this isn't a problem, the instructions are a joke. They give you templates for four different mounting options. Assuming you have some way of knowing how to measure, any of those will work fine. But they don't give you much help beyond that. I suggest looking up some online tutorials or at least putting a level on it before you fasten it down.

3. WB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar Chimes

Our rating: 8 / 10

WB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar Chimes

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  • Easy to install, move, and store
  • Adjustable tuning for more tonal flexibility
  • Great sound


  • The rubber padding will get pretty hot if you hang in sunny areas
  • Not portable – strictly for indoor use

The WB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar Chimes comes highly rated on Amazon – boasting a near-perfect rating. In addition to being top-notch, it comes with a cheap sticker price. This chime is very visually striking.

The main receiving cymbals are chrome plated for a mirror finish. They send out a bright and rich tone. The body of the chime is made of highly polished chrome, but the CD-style chime tubes attached to it are plated with brass. This provides an added sense of depth when you strike it.

The stand is fully adjustable up or down so that you can get the perfect height for the sound. Aside from visual aesthetics, what makes this chime stand apart is the tuning mechanism. Most chimes have individual strings, but this one has a tuning bar instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best sounding wind chimes?

Good wind chimes are able to produce a wide range of sounds. It’s not unusual for one set of chimes to include tones that sound more like a sitar than anything else. A set of 4 chimes such as the KLASS Chime can produce well over 40 distinct notes. The tones they produce should be fluid, sustaining, and crisp without any harsh overtones.

How do I choose a wind chime?

There are so many different quality levels with wind chimes, so you have to be mindful of price and brand variance. You can save a little bit of money if you choose a less expensive aluminum chime, for example, but aluminum does not sound as good as brass. Aluminum might also have lower resistance to rust which could lead to your wind chime breaking over time, whereas more expensive brass is more durable.

Where do the wind chimes go in feng shui 2022?

I would guess that Feng Shui elements position is the same for wind chimes as for all other feng shui objects. The element of the chimes will determine where they are placed. In the West, this falls mainly into the Fire category, often symbolized by a Red color.. place them in the Southeast of your home. That is also where you should place your water feature, your aquarium, plants, and just about anything else with a strong color of red.

What do bamboo wind chimes sound like?

If you’re interested in wind chimes, you just want to know that what you’re getting is a real bamboo wind chime. Bamboo is not just a pleasing sound; it’s also very hard and durable. Bamboo pieces made into wind chimes can be expected to last for years on end. Other wood wind chimes can crack and break from exposure to moisture or heavy winds. I’ve been using bamboos for wind chimes in my garden for years. In fact, I even made an smaller one for our porch. Our porch chimes really make our neighborhood really noisy.


(Not that kind of chime. ha).

When it comes to chimes for your deck, patio, or garden, the first things that will come your way are the trellis chimes, wind chimes, wind bells, garden bells, Japanese wind chimes, kalimba. But what is the best sounding chime? Again, we’re here to assist you in getting the best one for you.

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TreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single RowBest OverallTreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single Row
WB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar ChimesBudget PickWB-01 Pro Chrome Percussion 25 Bar Chimes