Best Chromebook Cases in 2022

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Have you ever come across those articles that tell you to buy the best laptop case for your Chromebook?

But is the best Chromebook case really the best laptop case, or can you get away with using an old laptop sleeve?

In this article I put together a list of the best Chromebook cases you can find online. I looked at things like style, durability, future-proofing, price, user feedback and more to find the best Chromebook cases in 2019.

There are hundreds of different cases available, but I honed in on my top 5 personal favourites.

I hope this helps if you’re looking for the best Chromebook case to buy in 2019.

iPearl mCover Hard Shell CaseBest OveralliPearl mCover Hard Shell Case

1. iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case

Our rating: 9 / 10

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case

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  • Impact resistant and shock absorbing design
  • Precision molded case for full protection
  • Great quality for the price
  • Good customer service
  • Comes in a range of different colors


  • Cheaper, but not the best quality
  • The fit could be better

Although the iPearl mCover is an excellent Chromebook cover, there is one significant problem a number of people have with it. It’s not the cheapest case for your laptop, but that isn’t what causes the problem.

While the iPearl mCover does do a great job of protecting your Chromebook, it’s not particularly useful for different sizes. So, if you’re the kind of person who constantly buys new laptops as your needs change, you should probably look for something that is compatible with the bigger sizes.

2. GMYLE Book Case Vintage

Our rating: 5 / 10

GMYLE Book Case Vintage

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  • Great value for the price
  • Quality PU Leather
  • Soft microfiber lining inside
  • Zipper closure
  • Trendy design with vintage feel
  • Stable stacking design when placed on top of one another
  • Magnetic strip for better closure
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not waterproof
  • Only two color options

A PU leather case is a good option for Chromebook 2 and it’s also sturdy with soft microfiber lining inside. It’s well made and a stylish pick for all types of users.

The only con I’ve encountered is that the designs are a bit sketchy.

3. Gumdrop Cases Softshell Chromebook Case

Our rating: 3 / 10

Gumdrop Cases Softshell Chromebook Case

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  • Great for traveling
  • Protects your Chromebook against drops and shock
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Protects your screen when closed
  • Separate compartments for pens and accessories
  • Adds grip to prevent slippage
  • Secure zipper for screen and charging port
  • Fully vented to ensure heat control
  • Multiple viewing angles


  • Bulky and not ideal for carrying in backpack or purse
  • Doesn’t protect the top or bottom of the Chromebook
  • Pockets are not as securely zipped as shown in pictures
  • The pen holds two pens but there is no place to keep them both together

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Chromebook to buy 2022?

In our roundup of the best Chromebooks, we found the Samsung Chromebook Plus to be the best overall. This convertible laptop and tablet has an impressive design, solid performance, a sensitive stylus, and decent battery life. It’s not cheap but it’s the best for most people. The only real con to this laptop is similarly to all Chromebooks: You can only install apps from the Google Play Store. For some people this is a deal breaker, but for the vast majority of people, it’s not an issue. We provide a few more options in the Chromebook section below.

Are there cases for Chromebooks?

One of the good thing about Chromebooks is that that are so slim; they use very little space. As a result, there isn’t a lot of space for you to tuck your accessories like earbuds or USB cables. A Chromebook sleeve is a good way to keep everything organized, though. I feel like it’s a necessity for traveling.

Who has the best deal on Chromebooks?

If you want to go all out, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is the Chromebook to get. It’s the most powerful Chromebook on the market, offering an excellent pen-enabled, touch screen display and top of the line processors. The only question to be answered is which color you prefer.

If you want something a little cheaper, the top Chromebook for the money is the Acer Chromebook 15. If you’re willing to give up the touchscreen and pen, you can cut the price in half.

For those who just want a Chromebook as an ultra-slim secondary laptop, check out the Asus Chromebook Flip. It’s only 0.62 inches thick and weighs less than 2 pounds. It’s extremely portable and makes for an excellent second computer.

What is the best antivirus for Chromebook?

Specifically designed for Chromebooks, Avast for Chromebook Basic Security gives you automatic protection from viruses, spyware, phishing scams, and malware. Chromebooks do come with their basic antivirus protection but this is more complete and protects against more. I’ve been using it for several months, and I’ve been super impressed. It works great and is super lightweight with a very minimal impact on performance. Just get this.


Chromebooks are one of hottest new gadgets on the market. They’re cheap (and cheap to run), and they persistently maintain their fast speeds. This makes them ideal for traveling and for internet-specific activities. But, a downside of them being so lightweight and compact is that you’ll need to take care of them if you want them to remain that way. This review will help you choose the best Chromebook cases to protect yours so that you can avoid accidents that might leave you without your PC.

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iPearl mCover Hard Shell CaseBest OveralliPearl mCover Hard Shell Case