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Love your iPad Mini and want to keep it pristine?

Finding a good quality, functional and stylish iPad Mini case which looks amazing is a challenge.

Ranging from some of the best rugged iPad Mini cases to some fantastic wallet cases, the following reviews will show you some of the best options you can choose from.

Are you struggling to find the best iPad Mini covers?

Belkin Chambray Tab Cover / CaseBest OverallBelkin Chambray Tab Cover / Case

1. Belkin Chambray Tab Cover / Case

Our rating: 9 / 10

Belkin Chambray Tab Cover / Case

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  • Premium feel
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Snug fit
  • Protects the mini from getting any scratches, dust, or dirt
  • Easy to attach to the iPad mini
  • Great Customer service
  • Convenient kick stand
  • Premium Case
  • Reasonably priced


  • Adds some weight to the mini
  • Some complaints of charging issues
  • An internal velcro strap might be popped out occasionally

The Belkin Chambray Cases are made from high quality material with a fun design that will surely make you fall in love with it.

Belkin offers several colors to choose from, which includes the fun red color that will surely catch anyone’s attention. These cases are made from high quality material so they will surely last for a long time.

The front cover is comfortable to hold and features a form-fitting frame that will offer additional protection to your iPad mini. With the form-fitting frame, your iPad mini will also become much easy to hold.

2. Photive iPad Mini Ultra Slim Folio Case

Our rating: 5 / 10

Photive iPad Mini Ultra Slim Folio Case

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  • Very light and thin
  • Super slim profile for great portability
  • Stylish and minimalist design
  • Case undoes to prop up the iPad mini on a table
  • Magnetic clasp is easy to close
  • Fits like a glove
  • Flexible case includes hand strap for one-handed use
  • The stylus loop of the case is placed behind the device, making it less noticeable
  • Extra sturdy kickpoint


  • Kickstand could be stronger
  • Full screen protection is lacking
  • Bleed through of the orange back color onto the display

This case can adequately protect your iPad mini, and it is still very thin, but you have to be aware that the case does not cover the back of the iPad mini, and the kickstand is pretty thin.

However, if you’re careful with your items, this will keep your iPad safe, and it’s reasonably protective. The case fits very well around the edges of the iPad mini, and the magnetic cover works well.

The case does not interact with the capacitive screen for screen interactions and sleeps/wakes. The case comes in a wide range of colors, and it’s easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best iPad mini 5 case?

We’re going to get into iPad mini cases for kids, but first, let’s review some of the best iPad mini cases that are made for everyone. That way, when you’re ready, you’ll have a few best options to choose from.

The Apple Smart Case is the stock case for the iPad mini. It’s made from the same material as the rest of the iPad lineup and it locks your iPad in place for protection. The sleep/wake functionality is great, so it’s very convenient. It comes in all of Apple’s usual colors and it’s a little bit pricey, but it’s a really nice case.

What is the best iPad mini keyboard case?

There are a lot of cases for iPad minis that have built-in keyboards these days. Some have Bluetooth while others are just built-in to the case. If you want something somewhat versatile (though it’s not really the best for lap use) then I like the Logitech.

However, if you want the best possible experience, a real Bluetooth keyboard will give you much more flexibility. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is a tried and proven workhorse. It has backlit keys for easy typing in the dark and it pairs easily. It also provides an external dock for the iPad so you can work while you're charging.

Which iPad MINI do I have?

You should know that once you get the 7th generation iPad mini it will say 7th generation on the back even though it has an iPad mini logo on the back.

Will an iPad mini case fit all ipad minis?

The iPad Mini is the same form factor as the iPad 2 and the mini 4. It is the same height, width, and depth as those devices. It does not have a camera flash, as the iPad 2 and 3 did, but other than that, it is identical to those two devices in terms of screen size and dimensions. This does NOT mean that all cases for the iPad 2 or 3 will fit the Mini. You need to look at the physical dimensions of the devices and compare those dimensions to the dimensions of the case. An outside measurement of the case is not enough, you must see the insides of the case.


If you just spent a few hours of professional advice on iPads, you wouldn’t have gotten better value for your time. Oh, and neither will you with this guide— we just can’t spend that long on iPads, but we will give you a few tips on the top cases available.

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Belkin Chambray Tab Cover / CaseBest OverallBelkin Chambray Tab Cover / Case