Best Skis in 2022 (March Reviews)

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The most important thing to ask yourself before you buy a pair of skis in 2022 is if you plan to do any backcountry skiing, and the answer is:

  • If yes, you should buy a pair of backcountry skis
  • If no, you should buy a pair of front-side skis

Most people will fall into the second category, and who can blame you. Front-side skiing is a blast. It’s the kind of skiing you’re most likely to do on a weekday, at night, after work.

Elan Amphibio 84 Ti SkisBest OverallElan Amphibio 84 Ti Skis

1. Elan Amphibio 84 Ti Skis

Our rating: 9 / 10

Elan Amphibio 84 Ti Skis

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  • Excellent speed
  • Comfortable
  • Great stability
  • Versatility
  • Good value
  • The upgraded quality is well worth the extra money


  • Runs small
  • Lacing system does not work well with boots that are too wide
  • Tip is not flat enough and cannot be used on soft surfaces
  • Quite hard for beginners, as it’s a little too stiff
  • No shock absorption

Elan Amphibio 84 Ti Skis are a great choice for intermediate-to-advanced skiers.

They’re an improvement over the first-generation Amphibio line, offering more pop, more speed, and better versatility.

Highlights include a full wood core (not a laminate), a 3D shape that’s flat in the tip and tail, and Amphibio Technology – which makes this ski better on soft snow and lets it float easier.

2. Rossignol Experience 88 Skis Sz 172cm Mens

Our rating: 7 / 10

Rossignol Experience 88 Skis Sz 172cm Mens

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  • Good For All-Mountain Use
  • Works Well In Various Conditions
  • Smooth Ride
  • Lightweight
  • Immaculate Balance
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility

The Rossignol Experience 88 Skis are a great choice for those lucky individuals who plan to do a lot of skiing rather than just settle for a warm winter vacation. Whether you go for these skis or another set, you can do a lot of fun downhill riding. In addition, this product is not too easy to find, so you will impress the crowd by showing off these skis.

These Rossignol Experience 88 Skis are made of lightweight wood material, which is not a very unusual choice. Many manufacturers choose to use lightweight wood in order to decrease the overall weight of the skis. This way, the skis can easily outperform other ordinary skis. This choice will not disappoint you. Despite their gentle-looking appearance, these skis are incredibly durable. Many customers who have used these skis before highly recommend them as a product of outstanding quality.

3. Salomon X Pro 120 Ski Boots Mens

Our rating: 7 / 10

Salomon X Pro 120 Ski Boots Mens

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  • Lightweight
  • Stiff

The Salomon X Pro 120 Ski Boots fit true to size, but have a slightly snugger fit around the instep (lower calf). This can cause a bit of difficulty getting into the ski boot. The more you wear them though, the easier they become.

These boots are built for performance, thanks to a carbon flex zone in the toe box and carbon layered shank. The ACC (All Conditions Control) shell is waterproof and will keep your feet dry for days.

Thanks to Salomon’s patented Custom Shell Fit, you can choose a shell fit to your foot, ensuring a custom fit and great performance. There are four shell sizes with three different width options, each one providing a fit like no other.

4. K2 2016 Pinnacle 95 Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

K2 2016 Pinnacle 95 Skis

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  • 85mm waist
  • Full Taper Flex
  • Twin-tip with rocker/camber/rocker profile
  • Mt. Beholder base
  • Energy Lock Brake System
  • Super Lightweight (2.8 lbs/1.27 kg per ski)
  • Magne-Traction Edge-Lock System


  • Loose fit
  • Heavy
  • Intermediate skier only
  • Doesn’t come with a sharpening stone

The K2 Pinnacle 95 is an open-toe all-mountain ski designed for intermediate skiers.

K2 double-camber construction provides an easy to control platform that won’t leave you chasing tails on the softer snow and rock.

The energy lock brake system features Magne-Traction serrated edges that lock into the snow without inhibiting performance.

5. 2017 Blizzard Black Pearl Women's Skis

Our rating: 6 / 10

2017 Blizzard Black Pearl Women's Skis

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  • Nice and soft for easy-going piste smoking
  • Well-priced if you’re just starting out.
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Can be a bit hard on bad groomed pistes
  • Doesn’t handle rough terrain as well as some of the other models in this category

Blizzard’s Black Pearl is an easy-going all mountain ski in this category and totally suitable for new skiers and intermediates.

It features Blizzard’s original Sidecut: A shape that’s wider in the middle and gets narrower towards the tip and the tail.

This delivers solid edge grip in all types of conditions without giving up the forgiveness of a wider ski.

6. Blizzard Bonafide Ski One Color

Our rating: 4 / 10

Blizzard Bonafide Ski One Color

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The Blizzard Bonafide is the best ski for beginners. The high-performing materials and construction narrow the ski’s waist at the tip and tail, providing a ramped surface, creating more surface area to maneuver on. The large shovel-like tip of the ski makes it easier to initiate turns and can be perfect for covering long distances while staying in a single track.

The Bonafide is stable and easy to control at high speeds and can cruise on a smooth surface or through pow. When you’re ready to head off the beaten path, the rounded tail of the Bonafide makes it more maneuverable so you can navigate rough downhill terrain easily.

The Bonafide is designed to take the abuse that skiing can dish out and will last through several hard seasons.

7. Salomon 2016 X-Drive 8.3

Our rating: 4 / 10

Salomon 2016 X-Drive 8.3

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  • Exceptional control
  • Easier for entry-level skiers

For skiers looking to go a little more aggressively on terrain for any skier in any ski range, Salomon's X-Drive 8.3 W Ski offers phenomenal control, and will help you stick to the edge.

The X-Drive 8.3 gets the edge grip you need to control your trajectory, correct your balance while on the fall line, and use your edges to carve a beautiful arc onto the steeps.

It will be harder to push through crud on hardpack, but it can be done, and that's just a small price to pay for a great piste carving ski.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brand of skis are the best?

Which brand of skis is the best? It’s a hard question to answer, since it’s based entirely on an individual’s personal preference. Some people love the feel of a Burton while others swear by K2, Salomon, Volkl, Kastle, etc. Any brand can be good for you, so long as the ski fits your weight, skill level, and stiffness preference. Also, it’s important to consider the type of ski (freestyle, all-mountain, etc.) and the lengths and widths available (150, 162, 170, etc.).

The best way to find the brand that’s most responsive to your preference is to try as many different brands and models as you can. Make sure to demo at least a few different pairs of skis until you find one you really like.

What is the best all mountain ski?

An all mountain ski is one that can be used for all types of terrain. This is opposed to a carving ski which is better suited to more advanced skiers. All mountain skis are more forgiving and easy to turn, making them a great choice for beginners.

While some skiers swear by high-end all mountain skis, I’d recommend choosing a cheaper model if you are new to the sport or new to this specific type of ski. Start with a cheaper model and then move on to more advanced models as you improve.

What is the best all mountain ski for 2019?

With skis like the Line 766 skis, which are designed to excel in the whole gamut of conditions, or the Atomic Joker skis, which excel at piste skiing, but aren’t really the right choice for off-piste conditions, the best all-mountain skis are fit for the job right across the board. Going back to the topic of versatility, however, many skis do fall into the all-mountain category, so it’s important you get one that…s right for you.

If you like to go on long off-piste hikes and rarely ski on the piste, it’s better to opt for an aggressive off-piste ski like the Atomic Vantage 80 or the Line Gambler.

What are the best snow skis on the market?

There are a lot of great choices: Salomon, Rossignol, Nordica, Atomic, Fischer, Head, Volkl, etc. But at the end of the day the ski brand doesn’t really matter as much as how it fits your individual style. If you love rocker skis like I do, then you have several good options to choose from. But if you like to leave the groomed trails, you will want a pair of dedicated powder boards (like the Rossignol Experience 88).

It’s a good idea to make sure you get a pair that fits you properly. As strong as the recommended products are, they won’t work if they’re not a good fit for you and skiing in awkward gear is not only uncomfortable but it also affect comfort and performance.


So why are skis so important? Well without them, you can’t ski! Seriously, they’re a great accessory any snowboarder will want as a part of their arsenal. The best skis in 2022 will make a big difference in your skiing, so pick carefully.

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Elan Amphibio 84 Ti SkisBest OverallElan Amphibio 84 Ti Skis