Black and Decker Sure Grip Laser Level

Jason Loomis
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I had a large set of cabinets purchased to make into a work bench project a few months ago. I had several pieces that had to sit flush with each other. They were almost 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep. So I went looking for a tool I could rely on to tell the difference between the walls and my cabinet pieces. That’s when I found the Black and Decker Sure Grip Laser Level.

I already had a couple of levels that I had been using for years. When I bought them, they were considered some of the best. But even with them, if there was a slight closet off of a wall, I found it hard to get levels right. So I tried using the laser level to see if I got better results. It had been years since I had used anything like that so I wasn’t sure it would work. But, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of accuracy it was capable of.

My laser level features a rotating laser – and a red laser line that stays perfectly straight. You can easily point it at your wall or ceiling just by using the “L” key found on the side of the case. The lasers lines are thin and have a very narrow profile. This, in turn, makes them really easy to find on walls. Even around the nail holes or any irregularity in the wall where the picture hanger was attached.