BodyTrace eScale: The World’s First GSM-Enabled Scale

Jason Loomis
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BodyTrace eScale is the first smart scale in the world that can send your weight and your body fat measurements through a GSM connection to your smartphone.

BodyTrace eScale has a standard LCD display but also has a lot of technological features that set it apart from all other body scales.

The most important benefit of the GSM addition is that it can transmit your data to any place in the world. So whatever your weight and body fat are, that’s what your friends, your family, and you get to know.

There is an iOS app available and a similar application for Android users. The app will tell you the data that you submit instantly.

The apps are free to use but there is also a membership option including the use of downloads for your data.

What sets this scale apart is not only the GSM connection but also the apps that are available for supporting smartphones and tablets. The interactive apps are perfect for helping you to reach your health goals.

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