Bruvelo Smart Coffee Maker Lets You Make Your Own Recipes

Jason Loomis
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What I like about this coffee maker is that it empowers you, the user, to create your own single mug recipes or customize one of the preloaded recipes.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverage choices for millions of people around the world. And choosing the perfect cup is something of an art.

But brewing coffee can be an easy and enjoyable practice when you have the right tools. That’s where this coffee maker comes in.

The Bruvelo Personal Coffee Maker empowers you to select, customize, and brew your own delicious cup. All it takes is the touch of a button on your smartphone and one of the 20 preloaded recipes will be brewing in no time.

You can personalize these recipes and even create your own. You then save them in your very own brewing app on your smartphone.

The app also allows you to create a single recipe or a batch recipe. A single recipe can be made in a few minutes and will serve just one person. A batch recipe can make up to 10 mugs of coffee.

Bruvelo coffee machine is adjustable, which means it can brew the perfect cup, each and every time, without you even having to touch it. The app will monitor the water and the coffee grounds as they brew to ensure your recipe is executed to perfection. Coffee strength and bean quantity and type can be adjusted to suit your taste.