Charge Your Smartphone In Just Five Minutes With Zap&Go

Jason Loomis
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Many times we find ourselves in a situation where our cellphone is about to die, and not even three minutes later, it has 20% battery left, and we repeat the same situation 3 minutes later. This handy little device will help solve this problem completely.

Even though we have a plethora of charging options such as USB chargers, car chargers or portable devices, sometimes we find ourselves unable to get to a power source for hours.

If you are planning a long vacation, then this is an issue. By having this device, you'll never be without your cell phone power.

This invention can be charged like any other portable power pack, either by solar, a car charger, USB, or even a laptop, for example.

But what makes it "smart" is its ability to charge a cell phone.

All you have to do is put your phone on top of this device. You plug it to any power source, and the Zap&Go will charge your phone as if you were using a regular charger.

There will be information on the side that lights up to indicate whether you are charging or the phone is fully charged.

Within minutes, you'll see the phone on 100% power!