The Darth Vader Toaster Gets An Upgrade

Jason Loomis
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We all love Star Wars and its characters. One of the most popular characters is Darth Vader. One of the very popular products was the TOASTER that was designed in the shape of Darth Vader with a red and black finish.

The new model of the toaster is based on the specification of the first Darth Vader 2001 E-113 toaster. It has a faster-toasting time of 15 seconds and is now easier to clean. If the toaster cover is closed after the toasting cycle is done, it will automatically reduce the toasting time. You don’t have to turn off or open any buttons.

There are two buttons on the front of the toaster. The top button is for one sausage, and the bottom button is for two.

The stainless steel body, along with two slots, make it really look like a Darth Vader helmet.

If you don’t have one and like Star Wars, you can buy this Darth Vader toaster or even have it customized.