DirecTV vs. DISH for RV’s: Satellite TV for your Mobile Home

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DirecTV vs. DISH for RV’s

Satellite TV for your Mobile Home

In the past two decades, satellite TV has become an essential part of mobile home living. It is the best way to experience the widest choice in home entertainment. It has made it possible to enjoy hundreds of movies, TV shows, and sporting events all at your fingertips.

Anyone can enjoy satellite TV in their mobile home, but before you purchase the equipment and sign up for a plan, it’s important to understand the different types of subscription options available. The providers and plans can also vary greatly depending on the area you’re living in. You should also familiarize yourself with the laws in your area. There may be city ordinances and laws that prohibit unauthorized satellite dishes.

There are two main satellite TV providers that you can use for your mobile home: DirecTV and DISH. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at DirecTV vs. DISH to help you decide which satellite TV provider you should go with.

DirecTV for RV’s

Or DISH for RV’s: What’s best?

RV television has seen improvements over the past several years. RVs are growing in size and living in them has become more comfortable. Space is no longer an issue for most RVers. That means you can use your big screen TV in your RV to its full potential by adding satellite. If you want to watch TV in your RV and you value the convenience of being able to watch what you want, when you want, you will need satellite TV. You will have more freedom to watch what you want, when you want it, without saying “but we’re not at home!”. Satellite TV systems have improved too. You can get a satellite TV system that is portable and movable. You can take it with you from place to place as you travel throughout the country. You will enjoy watching favorite shows on your own schedule. You can also get your news updates wherever you are. You can watch all your favorite local sports teams. You can also use your satellite TV system to get your favorite channels from back home.

Which is the best for you? If you already have a satellite service then DISH for RV’s is the way to go. If you are still deciding on satellite service then read on.

DISH for RV’s

DISH for RV’s is another, really neat, DISH package. It is made especially for RV’s and more specifically for mobile home owners. In this day and age of “on the move” it is very important to have the freedom to be mobile and to keep in touch with all your family and friends.

The package that is built for RV’s has an LNB to support a mobile satellite. It is great as it allows for a satellite to be positioned wherever the RV is parked.

You will get all DISH packages, even the popular International channels that can be watched anywhere in the world.

This ensures that you never miss a thing. You can even hook it up to your laptop to keep an eye on the NBA, NFL or other sports.

You can also connect to the DISH Anywhere app to catch the news.

With the DISH Anywhere app, you can connect on your phone, tablet or Smart TV and watch all your favorite shows at home or on a vacation.

DISH has focused on great customer service. The billing team is great and will usually answer calls in one ring. This is absolutely wonderful for the RV’er because when traveling, there might be no cellular connectivity.

Types of Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes have come a long way since first being introduced to the public by companies like Dish TV. Satellite dishes can be of various sizes and shapes depending on their purpose. The most common satellite dishes tend to have a circular design and the most common size is a 24-inch model. The principle behind these types of dishes is that the customers need to point them directly towards a specific spot in the sky, which the company's satellites move across.

The dishes are generally used for residential use. There are probably more satellite dishes used to access satellite TV in the UK than in the US.

LED satellite dishes are also a great alternative to the standard dish shapes. Their principle is the same and they have to be pointed towards a sky point to receive the signal. The difference is that they transmit information through LED lights rather than a wire. This gives the satellite dish an advantage in situations where there is a risk of the dish getting hit by falling objects from time to time.

The other type of satellite dishes are the portable ones. They are mostly used in situations where there is a requirement to have satellite TV connection even while being on the move. The advantage of these types of dishes is that they are easy to install. These are the reasons why portable satellite dishes are so popular among people that need to access satellite TV while being on the move.


Dish Network Tripods, known as “nests”, are satellite dishes that come in a variety of different sizes and styles. They are the large towers that sit outside your RV and are the most recognizable component of satellite TV service. Tripods can be mounted to the back of the RV and they usually come complete with raceways, wiring brackets, and a satellite receiver. You may have to buy additional hardware to get it installed properly, but it is usually easier to buy a complete system.

DirecTV, on the other hand, typically leases their equipment from the customer. This usually means that they can be harder to come by. You may have to find an authorized dealer to rent a receiver, a technician to set it up, or you may have to find multiple sources to achieve everything that you need for the setup. This usually results in a multi-day project and it may cost more to buy or rent the equipment than it does to buy a DirecTV system.

Roof-Mounted Dishes

Vs. DirecTV for RV’s: Which Satellite is Better?

What type of satellite dish is best is a question often asked and there are many factors to consider. If you decide to install an RV satellite system you will need to choose between a DirecTV or DISH satellite dish installation.

Some will argue that a commercial dish is better because you’ll get a better signal and your distance from the satellite can be greater. The drawbacks to a larger commercial satellite are the more expensive cost, and sometimes you will need to make a long cable run which can pull on your RV.

Attaching to the roof is much easier than trying to squirrel the dish into the trunk of your vehicle and pulling it out when you want to use the dish. With the roof installation you are much less likely to have any issues with wind.