DIY “Hidden Pool” Disappears Under Grass-Covered Top (video)

Jason Loomis
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Alberto Somo has transformed an unused corner of his family’s lawn into a “hidden pool” that’s surrounded by grass and shrubs. Designed to look like a grassy knoll, the pool actually contains 2,200 square feet of water and is 12-feet deep. It’s a great space to cool off without having to get too wet.

The pool doesn’t require any chemicals or cleaning since grass filters serve as the primary filtration system. It’s built from eco-friendly materials that’ll eventually break down over time.

No word on the cost of the project, but it’s worth it for what it gives back.

Alberto says that his family spends a lot more time in the backyard and so do their neighbors!

As, you can see it’s a great space to sit on or around grass while you enjoy the water and have fun.

Here’s a video of the pool being built: