GTA Online Heist: Prison Break

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The Prison Break Heist

The Prison Break Heist is one of several Heists that are available in GTA 5 Online , and it can be accessed through the Heist option in the Cell Phone menu. Players must join an Organization to gain access to the Heist.

The Prison Break Heist is a 4-player Adversary Mode that can be completed with a team of two, or with each player going it alone. Since it's an Adversary Mode, you can play it in a public session or with a friend. The Gun Range, Plane Heist , and GTA Online Heists are the only GTA V missions that you can play alone. The Prison Break is considered by many to be the most difficult Online Heists mission if you want the maximum payouts.

The Prison Break takes place in the city of Los Santos. Specifically, it takes place in the Los Santos County Correctional Facility. The goal of Prison Break is for players to help Trevor Philips break out of the Correctional Facility so that he can join the main game's cast. Trevor is currently locked up in the Facility and you must help him bust out in order to play with him in the main game storyline. In a parodic sense, you will only play as Trevor if you complete the Prison Break Heist.


If you want to get the best plane mission ending, there’s a few things you need to get right. This can be a bit tricky if you’re playing with others, so here’s a little advice on how to do it.

The first thing you need to know is that the plane mission ends once you touch the ground. If you’re coming in too fast, this will result in a crash and everyone will die – bad news.

If you’re landing with others, make sure you land closest to the door using your joystick controls or you may end up leaving them far behind.

Also, make sure you land in the correct area, or the van won’t be there and you’ll be trying to escape the cops in a busted plane.

Chapter 42:

Google Hacking & Google Dorks / Google Hacking for Penetration Testers


Strap into the passenger seat of the prison bus outside the maintenance garage, and wait as Bain guides you in. Your job for this heist is to drive the crew to the prison in Apartments – Grove St.

Be responsible for the lives of the prisoners in your care. Drive carefully, and obeying all traffic laws is recommended! The police will not interfere if you are within the speed limit and stay within your lane. When the police are behind you, they will try to block you – drive through them to escape. To escape a police roadblock, drive up the embankment to the left of the road and get out of the bus.

To unlock the bus, you'll have to take out the police cars blocking the road. Drive through the barrier blocking the road, then stay to the left to position the bus in front of the police cars. The van is unlocked once all the police cars are destroyed.


It's the first online heist. Bear in mind the heist was designed for 4 players but is possible with just 2 and if your team is organized, arguably even better.

I personally loved it. All other heists were so dynamic I didn't mind the fact there was a lot of shooting.

In the prison break there is a lot of boarding moving vehicles and shooting.

There is a little strategy (selecting which enemy to shoot in which room).

My personal favorite was the bank heist because it was a very different dynamic approach. Allthough it was action based, it also required a lot of shooters with a gun toting role.

The prisoner break there is no cover, no shooting anything, just moving between 2 points. The appeal I think is seeing some chaos and kicking some ass.

Wet Work

After the setup phase is done, players will be directed to the extraction point where the chopper is waiting and Merryweather will start shooting at the ground and air to stop GTA Online players from accessing the chopper. Heists always have some kind of challenge. In this one, you’ll need to find five keys and use them at five designated points to open the prison door. The keys will be in the hands of Merryweather thugs. Eliminating them is the only way to secure the keys.

Once you’ve got all the keys, the extraction point will become available. Get your crew in there before time runs out. If you aren’t quick enough, the police will arrive and you will fail the mission.

Once you are in the chopper, you’ll need to get far enough away before you can uber up and drive to the drop off. This can be mission failed if you get spotted while escaping the police.

At the drop off, you will learn the joys of the Parachute. Get your crew to the safe zone as fast as possible.


In this chapter you will find out how to finish the Prison Break Heist, one of the most unique heists in GTA Online. You’ll need lots of teamwork and the right equipment for this job to be successful.

The first thing you must always do when beginning this heist is to make sure all the equipment is there and available. Start by parking a suitable vehicle in the Prison Bus garage. When everyone has entered the bus garage, each player must come to the garage and join the lobby before proceeding to the next stage.

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