Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Life-Size Figure Is Taller Than Most NBA Players

Jason Loomis
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It’s said by many that the original Star Wars trilogy, in all their original theatrical cuts, will never be bettered.

We do of course have the prequels, and there are a few other good sci-fi movies out there (guilty pleasure: Avatar), but there are none that match up the epic scale of Star Wars.

The movie’s style is something that is difficult to quantify and even more difficult to replicate when making movies. Some try, and it’s great to see that some are doing it well (Looper, 12 Monkeys), but they will never capture the majesty of Star Wars.

The original Star Wars trilogy is so revered that in recent years, collectible mini-figures, LEGO versions, and even a LEGO Millennium Falcon have been created to appease the hordes of fans.

Now, collectors and fans of Star Wars can get their hands on the ultimate collector’s item: an authentic, life-size Han Solo frozen in carbonite.