Hand Powered Walkie Talkies

Jason Loomis
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While a hand-powered walkie talkie is most certainly not the best form of communication you might feel that you still need such a device. Perhaps you want to share some necessary information with your hiking buddy while you are out on your hike. Perhaps you have some important information to communicate, but don’t have your cell phone in an area where you can get a signal. Perhaps you are a city dweller, and you need to communicate over a greater distance than you can with your regular cell phone. Or perhaps your cell phone is out of juice, or broken in some way, and you can’t call for help. In any of these situations, you may consider purchasing a hand-powered form of communication.

This type of device is most interesting to city folk, because city folk seldom live in areas where cell service is available because they’re surrounded by buildings and too many other sources of interference.

This is where they would come in handy. In more rural areas there is the possibility of using them to save on battery power, or perhaps to conserve battery power on the cell phone you are using to actually make phone calls.