The Hay Fever Hat: Another Bizarre Japanese Gadget

Jason Loomis
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The Hay Fever Hat is a fox mask that claims to help improve hay fever symptoms. It’s just one of many bizarre gadgets that exist in Japan. It looks like a giant fox head, which you slip over your head to rest against your upper lip and under your nose. It claims to seriously reduce the symptoms of hay fever.

Adapted and translated from the Japanese manual: “Place the positioner betwen your lip and your nose. Make sure you align your breathing through the mask and keep air flowing in from the front right below your nose and out the back.”

The science behind this innovation is that when you breathe in through the mask, you are breathing in menthol vapors via the moist pocket of air you create between the mask and your face. The idea is that the menthol calms the nasal passage, which then performs at a healthier level.

It’s a theory that has gained some traction in Japan, where many suffer from hay fever during the summer months. The Wall Street Journal quotes Japanese Doctor Ito Eisaku as saying “The mask is really popular. “Multiple doctors have reported that this mask really helps those suffering from hay fever symptoms.”