High-tech low-tech reviews: Mongoose Deception

Jason Loomis
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I bought a Mongoose Deception wheel as part of my effort to increase the "bike like" training volume in my life. I have been a consistent cyclist, but last year I was injured, which greatly reduced the amount I could do. In the following months, my cycling-related fitness level seriously declined.

The Deception wheel is a so-called "high-tech" indoor trainer equivalent of a bicycle. Its unique feature is the fact that it offers gradual changes in pedal resistance. This is intended to simulate an outdoor ride up a hill, and in my very limited experience, it does a reasonable job of simulating that. It is far from perfect, but I have not found a better product that is as inexpensive. The product is made by Pacific Cycle. The design of the Deception is driven by its use with the trainer. It does not have a rubber tire. Rather, it has a 1/4 inch steel roller, on which you put a bicycle tire.

I took the trainer out of the box. As is usual with the Pacific cycle trainers, the assembly was easily accomplished by all the necessary tools, included with the unit. Three adapters for the existing wheels on my bikes were also included, which I used to make the bike and wheels fit onto the Deception as smoothly as possible.