How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month?

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Netflix Price Options

As you might expect, Netflix has a number of different pricing options. The good news is that Netflix prices are nothing if not predictable. You can pick the plan that gives you the greatest number of hours to watch streaming Netflix content (the cost per month is pretty much the same between the plans). You also have the option to choose the one that fits your budget the best.

You can choose from 1,1, 2, 3, or 4 screens at a time. Streaming quality on each of the different options is basically the same, only the number of screens you can watch on at once, and the number of simultaneous activities you can do before the “HD quality” is reduced are different. Depending on your own viewing habits, overall Netflix pricing is very similar for all of the plans.

How Much Does Netflix DVD Cost Per Month

How much does Netflix cost per month? You may also be curious to know how much Netflix on DVD costs per month. In this article, we cover broadband pricing and details about the Netflix plans. We’ll also give you some hints on how to save money every month while being a Netflix customer.