How To Connect an Xbox One Headset: Easy Setup for Wired and Wireless Headphones

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Setting Up a Wired Headset

The following headset is an easy-to-use headset that streams your Xbox’s audio directly to the headset, rather than to your television set. This is the kind of headset I recommend for novice gamers who are looking to step up from the Xbox’s mediocre built-in headset. It’s very simple to set up and use since it doesn’t require any wires to stream audio to your headset.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

{1}. Connect the headset to the bottom of the DualShock 4 controller. You can find the port on the bottom left-hand side, where the controller and the headset plug in to the console.
{2}. Select the headset as your audio output device. On the Xbox controller, press and hold the button that has three horizontal lines and then select your headset as your default audio device.
{3}. Power the headset by plugging the USB into the Xbox or PS4. The headset should sync with the PS4 and start working as soon as you plug it into the controller.

How to Connect a Wireless Headset to Xbox One

Use the Xbox One Headset Adapter.

This adapter is included with most official Xbox headsets. If you’re using one that doesn’t come with this dongle, you’ll need to purchase the headset adapter separately.

Connect one end to the Xbox One Controller and the other end to the headset.

Then turn the headset on.

Plug in your controller.

Go to the Setting tab and choose the Devices option (in the Settings menu).

Choose the Controller option.

Hit the button under “Pair a New Device”.

Then click to choose your Xbox One headset.

Connect the Xbox One Wireless Adapter

If you want to connect a wireless headset to your Xbox One, you’ll need a wireless adapter.

The Xbox One Wireless adapter will allow you to keep your headset active and avoid placing the headset directly on the Xbox One controller.

The adapter uses a USB port on the front of your Xbox One console.

To connect to the controller, you’ll need to plug one end of the headset adapter into the controller and the other end to the headset.

With a tether to the controller

Insert the Xbox One stereo headset adapter into the headset jack on the Xbox One controller. Plug the headset adapter into the controller’s micro USB port.

Plug the stereo headset into the adapter on the controller. When using the stereo headset, the headset must be plugged into the adapter.

TIP: If your Xbox One controller is equipped with a 3.5-mm headphone jack, you can also use a stereo headset that uses a 3.5-mm plug. It will need a separate headphone adapter (not included), though.

With a base station or adapter (no tether)

If you need a headset to game with someone locally… your friends or family… you might think that setting up Xbox One headphones is difficult. Well, it's not. You can connect a headset easily using a base station or adapter. Here is how.

‘ The base station is just an adapter with a USB port and audio input, and no audio output. It is the easiest way to get audio in and out’ into your headset.

‘ You can use any wired headset that has a 3.5 mm audio jack (a mic and a headphone jack) and opt to use the base station.

‘ Optionally, you can use your headset's mic and audio jack with the adapter connected to the controller.

‘ This setup will also work if you have a wireless headset with console wireless adapter installed.

‘ Just plug the wireless adapter into the back of your controller and plug your headset's audio/mic jack into the base station.

With an HDMI setup

Connecting an Xbox One headset is quite simple.

First, plug the headset into the controller.

On your Xbox One, go to Settings … Kinect and Devices … Audio Devices.

Clear the checkbox that says “Listen to All Conversation on Console.”

Now select the headset from the list of audio options.

Note on Xbox One Sound Settings

Different Games and Apps Use Different Audio Formats

If you have an Xbox One headset (wired or wireless) and want to connect it to your Xbox One for online gaming or Skype, it’s a pretty simple process.

The Xbox One will automatically detect the headset when it’s plugged in and it doesn’t require any input on your part. The Mute/Play/Volume control buttons will automatically work in supported titles and applications, and everything else is self-explanatory.

The Xbox One supports both wired and wireless headsets. As far as the Xbox One is concerned, there is no difference between the two.

We have already written an article on connecting Xbox One controllers and Xbox One smartphones and tablets. Please read Connect Xbox One Headset To Windows 10 PC/Laptop/Xbox One And Smartphones for more in-depth information.

Note: If your headset is connected to your Xbox One controller via 3.5mm jack, remember to replace the controller’s standard AA batteries while your headset is connected, because the Xbox One headset will use the controller’s power to power up. You can also see our Troubleshooting article on Xbox One Headset Volume Is Too Low.