How to Turn your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot (how to)

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If you're stuck in a WiFi dead zone, you can easily use your iPhone's 3G/4G cellular connection to create a personal hotspot, allowing you to surf on the Web. The ability to create your own WiFi network has become common on high-end smartphones such as the iPhone 4. There's no need to subscribe to a cellular data plan and in many cases you won't need to pay connection fees anymore. With the newly added iOS 6, turning your iPhone or iPad into a WiFi hotspot is easy and intuitive. AirPort Express is Apple's WiFi router with an integrated printer port and for the first time this device has its very own mobile app, allowing owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to configure the device from anywhere in the house or even outside of it.

So how do you turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot anyways? Read on to find out.

STEP 0: Find your iPhone's unique identifier (UDID). Every Apple product has a unique identifier, the UDID. It is a sequence of 40 numbers and letters assigned to every iPhone and iPad. It's 16 characters in length and looks like this:

Every device has its own unique UDID so it's important to be aware of it. Pencil Login is a website that allows you to track and manage your devices. It is especially handy when you own multiple Apple devices such as an iPad, iPod touch and an iPhone.

Jailbreak Your iPhone (illegal option)

If you are a jailbreaker you do not have to buy the app, you can find it in Cydia under Utilities.

This app is available for free in Cydia. You just need to have the jailbroken device. It is one of the most well-known and used apps in the jailbroken world.