HumBeatz Turns Your Voice Into A Musical Instrument

Jason Loomis
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HumBeatz is a Clever App For Any Musician

You've probably heard about how music and learning can make you smarter. Now there’s a new twist on that. A new app, called HumBeatz turns your voice into a musical instrument.

The app tracks the pitch and rhythm of your voice and transforms it into a musical instrument. HumBeatz gives you full control over the sounds and music you make and encourages you to find your own unique, innovative way of making music.

HumBeatz allows you to make mistakes and create music without self-consciousness, timing or technique. It also introduces kids to an array of fascinating musical instruments they did not know existed, teaches adults to play music, and helps aspiring musicians find their own creative voice.

Just Hum and The Rest Is Easy

HumBeatz is an app for your Android smartphone that plays music by translating your voice into music. It recognizes your voice and turns it into music using a song, a genre, or a single note. It also allows you to record your voice and mix with songs from the library.

It's really fun to see HumBeatz detect your voice and turn it into music. You download the app, plug the microphone to your smartphone, and then use your voice to create symphonies and play tunes. You can also use your voice as a musical instrument by singing into the mic without recording.

You can add notes to your voice and change the key to your preferred range. And you can edit your recordings. The app has a good assortment of built-in songs and instruments. To further extend the music you play, you can import your own songs.

You can also use HumBeatz to record a song, say a wedding vow, or capture your own song. HumBeatz has a built-in recorder that's easy to use.

When you want to sing into the microphone, you plug in a microphone. When you are ready to record your own song, add a few notes, or change the key to your preferred range, you can extend the music you play. You can import your own songs.