iBuypower Unveils ‘LAN Warrior’ Portable Gaming Rig

Jason Loomis
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I was so excited when I heard that iBuypower had introduced a new portable gaming computer.

Concerned that it wouldn’t be powerful enough, I was thrilled to discover that it’s more than equipped to handle full HD graphics, and runs at a blistering pace.

The first thing I noticed about this particular model is the sleek black look that immediately makes it look like a truly professional item.

Workstation-Caliber Machine

IBuypower calls this is a “workstation-caliber machine with the size and weight of an ultra-portable laptop.”

The minimalist design is sturdy enough to easily move between gaming sessions, or LAN parties without worry.

The black case is literally made for the gamer on the go!

It also has a unique arrow-shaped stand that allows you to set the computer up on a desk.

The stand tilts the computer to a more comfortable viewing angle without the worry of it falling over.

Thoughtful Design Decisions

There are some design choices on this computer that show how thoughtful the manufacturer is.

Oddly enough, the machine can be used in many different positions.

I love being able to put the screen on top for quick use while still being able to set it along the back of the workstation.