Kids Be Gone iPhone App Deters Teens With High Pitch Noise

Jason Loomis
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No more mommy hovering over your shoulder as you scroll through Facebook, post on twitter or try to chat up a pretty girl on "HerpDerpDatingApps".

At least not for the teens who install an app called "Kids Be Gone." This clever high tech solution to parents not being able to chill out and go to hell was designed by Tomas Abrahante, a teenager himself.

Abrahante said Kids Be Gone is for parents who have a hard time concentrating with kids hanging around. The app generates high frequency tones that only kids under 13 can hear. The app offers two tones, a male voice that screams "get out" and a female voice that says "you're annoying." The app even has a timer function so you can randomly be annoyed by his screams at night.

Such an app requires parental approval before downloading it as it, "may cause psychotic reactions in a small percentage of children."

Abrahante said he designed the app because his parents wanted him to stop texting all day.