Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 (comparison)

Jason Loomis
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As the number of tablets is growing day by day, users find themselves in a pool of different devices. The Kindle Fire and the iPad 2 are cases in point – both are rather popular but you need to choose the one that is best for you. Before purchasing a new tablet, you need to take into consideration some important aspects, for example:

Personal preferences: which device you prefer in terms of weight, screen brightness and color, power source, etc.

Skill level: is it your first tablet? Then you’ll want to make sure that the device you choose is easy to figure out and use.

Budget: choosing a tablet for your personal use may not be of crucial importance, but it’s still a piece of technology which costs money, so choose wisely.

Geographic location: if you need the tablet only for the purpose of reading e-books, or if you prefer to use it anytime, everywhere, then the tablet’s size and weight may not be as crucial as you can easily carry a 10.1 inch tablet in your bag.