LG Double Door-In-Door Fridge

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Slim on the outside but wide on the inside is how this LG fridge is described and it is for a good reason. The fridge is 17.4‍² wide and features a drawer on the left side and a normal door on the right. This simply means that you can find a plethora of storage space within it. If you are looking for a fridge with a lot of features and storage space, you may want to consider getting this fridge from LG.

A lot of people like the LG Double Door-In-Door Fridge because it is easy to clean. Another reason for its popularity is its design. You will find very few fridges with the same kind of design. You only need to look at it to know if you can place it in your kitchen or not. When buying a refrigerator, you will notice some are deeper than others, especially when you open the door, some may need more space compared to others. This is substantial in small kitchens. You can also consider buying a slimmer version compared to a deeper version if you need less depth and need more overall space in the refrigerator.