Linksys WRT54GL Is Over a Decade Old – and Still One of the Most Popular Routers

Jason Loomis
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Linksys WRT54GL is over a decade old – and still one of the most popular routers.

You may use a wireless router supplied by your internet service provider, you may be using a router within your network (laptop or desktop) and sharing an internet connection with other devices via an Ethernet port … or you may be using a Wireless-G router that you bought in 2006.

Regardless of which scenario applies to you, you may be using an old hardware router.

And if so, you are not alone. Linksys WRT54GL is one of the most popular routers for many reasons.

Firstly, WRT54GL dates back to a time before the current era of wireless bandwidth limitations. The router is capable of handling 802.11b/g/n connections at top speeds, and was a hallmark of the early broadband world.

Secondly, the router is capable of performing bridging, routing, wireless, and even VPN functions – albeit very slowly now. WRT54GL is regarded as a jack of all trades, master of none.

Thirdly, Linksys WRT54GL is arguably the most reliable router, which can be attributed to WRT54GL's simple design and architecture. The old Linksys router also suffers from significantly fewer security holes than many other options.