Lumigrid: a Bicycle Light that Warns Riders of Impeding Potholes and Other Road Obstructions

Jason Loomis
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The Lumigrid bicycle light adds a whole new dimension to traditional lighting. With Lumigrid, you can see the potholes that might otherwise be invisible. Using a built-in motion sensor, Lumigrid is capable of detecting when a pothole is ahead and warns the bike rider through notification sounds and a blinking light.

Partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign, the Lumigrid was invented by Mark Raycroft, a British student at the Newcastle University. Recognizing the potential danger of potholes to cyclists, Mark was inspired to invent a product that would prevent or minimize the damage caused to cyclists due to potholes. The product was eventually developed with the help of students at the university and is now ready for purchase.

The Lumigrid is a bike light that attaches to the front or rear of the bike and uses a motion sensor to detect when the cyclist approaches another vehicle that is positioned closer than a minimum distance. If the proximity sensor is triggered, the bike light becomes active. Initially, it will flash yellow warning lights to the approaching bike rider and then flash red lights to warn the driver of oncoming traffic. During the flashing phase, the Lumigrid also produces a loud beeping sound.