Lunecase Icon for iPhone Glows with Notification Icons

Jason Loomis
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Sometimes when you can't view the screen of your iPhone because of the poor lighting conditions, you need a little help telling if you have missed calls, messages or emails.

The decorative phone case for iPhone that will solve that problem for you is the Lunecase. It is a pretty case with icons that glow to make it simple to know if you have any missed calls, texts, emails and more.

The Lunecase comes in pink or white and has the standard icons on the cover like the clock, the home button, etc. It is also a protective case for the iPhone.

The icons on the case light up as soon as you get a call or a text. The case has three layers that also act as a battery to charge your phone.

The first layer is a decorative cover that comes with the phone case. It is a thin plastic cover that is easy to slip on and off.

On the back of this layer are the icons. These contain technology that lights up when there is a text or email. Chances are the recipient is less likely to see when you are using the iPhone, and it gives some extra privacy.

The second layer is a thin protective layer that ensures the icons work correctly.

The third layer is a battery that charges your iPhone.

The Lunecase is popular for women and makes an elegant and stylish gift for someone who is always on their iPhone.