Netflix App Now Available with Dish Network

Jason Loomis
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When it comes to paid TV contents, Dish Network offers fewer live channels than most other cable providers. However, the company does provide its subscribers with the availability of movies and TV shows on-demand, which you can only watch on your TV. Dish Network subscribers already have access to HBO, other live channels, and on-demand content.

Since the launch of the satellite dish offering from the 1980s, Dish Network has been fighting to get its foot into the video streaming hardware business. The company has been trying many times to create a product that would not only be compatible with its own services but also with those of other companies. The first attempt was via the ViP922 set-top box in 2010.

The lessons, which they learned from the failure of the ViP922, led the company to develop the new Cisco DCT875 8-tuner set-top box, which went on sale in 2014. While the Cisco DCT875 is a fair device, it does not have enough features to be considered a cable box killer. Dish Network is now working on a new set-top box that will come with an all-new interface and support for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and other popular streaming services.