Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Hulu Plus

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Hulu Plus vs Netflix


Is the largest of the three services and has the best selection.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, all three are highly competitive services that provide access to a lot of the same shows, movies and TV series.

Netflix is different from Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus because you can watch TV series and movies on demand. You don’t need to wait for the next episode or the next season.

Netflix’s library contains more than 60,000 movies and TV shows. You can browse Netflix’s library by genre, rating, it’s source, etc. Netflix also shows you the most popular, and recently released content.

Amazon Prime offers a larger library of over 120,000 titles and you can watch more than twice as many free movies and TV episodes as you find on Netflix. There are more movies and TV series on Amazon than Netflix. There are about 17,000 Amazon Prime movies and over 9,000 Amazon Prime TV series.

Amazon Prime also offers a subscription video-on-demand service like Netflix. However, Amazon’s Prime Instant Video is only available to members of Amazon Prime. It’s more like Netflix, offering access to a large catalog and plenty of new releases.

Amazon Prime Instant

Amazon Prime Instant Video is the king of video streaming services not just because its selection of videos is vast but also because of its built-in buffering and fast streaming technology. Its buffering ability is due to its fast streaming, which has buffering as a natural by-product.

Amazon has strategically placed its servers close to its customers to ensure a smoother streaming experience. If your goal is to avoid waiting for your videos to buffer when watching video online, Amazon Prime Instant Video may be a better choice than Netflix or Hulu.

On the downside, Amazon Prime Instant Video isn’t quite as concerned with the newest movies as Netflix and Hulu, who are starting a bidding war for the newest movies. Amazon Prime Instant Video is better at keeping parents and kids happy because the selection of kids’ movies is quite good.

Their selection of popular TV series’ is also pretty good while their library of popular movies, although growing, still leaves a bit to be desired.

Netflix and Hulu are really the only two other subscription-based video-on-demand streaming services in the running.

If it weren't for the fact that it is the only subscription streaming service that offers you the ad-free option, Hulu Plus may not have made this list.

Hulu Plus ( free trial )

Hulu Plus is the newest service in this line-up. What sets it apart from other services, is that it gives you access to recent TV episodes from different networks (ABC, FOX, NBC, etc.) and even shows that have just ended their previous run. You are able to watch any episode of any season, and this is the great gift that Hulu Plus offers.

But what’s even better is the fact that you can watch full seasons on Hulu Plus. They get the videos (most of the time) right after the show has aired, and it means that you can watch them at your own leisure.

You are able to binge-watch shows which is a great way to pass the time. The episodes are free and it is available on a number of platforms. It is also possible to download content and watch it in offline mode.

One of the biggest issues with Hulu Plus is that it is not the best video quality out there.