Netflix vs Crackle (comparison)

Jason Loomis
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With Netflix being the globe-dominating streaming juggernaut, it can be easy to forget that a couple of years ago, Crackle was doing just fine.

Crackle is no big deal…Oh wait, it is!

Yes, Crackle has got to be this century’s answer to Netflix. Due to a few noticeable differences in the two services, deciding which one to choose might be a difficult choice.

First, we will compare the two platforms and then a step by step guide will follow for setting up each service.

Netflix and Crackle both offer countless TV shows and movies on-demand to stream but they provide differing levels of content. For example, Netflix provides way more TV shows and movies than Crackle.

According to CNN, Netflix has about 4800 titles whereas Crackle has only 200. Add to that the fact that Netflix Original series make up a big chunk of its content. This claim is validated by the HULU vs. Amazon Fire TV comparison.

This gap is very difficult to bridge since Crackle is an older platform with a much smaller budget and global reach. Another revealing fact is the difference in upload frequency of the two. As per Crackle, it does not upload any new content yet Netflix does.

Now, let’s compare the two platforms in terms of pricing.