Nextear Wireless Earphones Are Earbuds Worth a Second Look

Jason Loomis
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While in the future, earbuds might be something of the past when you might all be using brain interface type technology to make communication devices, earbuds are still very much in style and the latest offering from Nextear Wireless Earphones is definitely worth a second look. Suppose you have a warm fuzzy flashback to your first car and how the CD player never worked or had enough power for you to play your favorite tunes.

I know I had that experience in my Volvo and when it wasn’t my Toyota, I was stuck listening to the less than awesome radio stations or cassette tapes with cassettes. If you have a wam fuzzy on what we are talking about then the Nextear Wireless Earphones come with a hard drive memory that will give you about 20 to 30 CDs of music. The awesome part is the music will always play when you want it to, you never need batteries for the system, and for the times you don’t have music to listen to, you have an FM radio to tune into.