Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner

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Nintendo DS is a handheld game console which can play Nintendo DS games. It is also used to play Game Boy Advance games. It has two screens, one is a 3.5 inches touch screen and the other is a 3.25 inches backlit screen. There is a port for a Game Boy Advance cartridge slot.

But what if you want to watch TV on it?

It can be used with a wireless router to play video from websites and computers, but there is also the Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner. You only need that to watch TV instead of using your computer to watch YouTube and other such sites.

The main features of Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner are that it is easy to set up and use. You can use it for watching digital TV. It also has a parental control feature, so you can prevent your children from watching adult programming. This digital TV tuner is also accessible from beyond your own home.

The best part? It comes with an IR-blaster that plugs into the bottom of your system, letting you use the same remote that you use for your digital TV to control the Nintendo DS.