6 of the Best Open World Games for the Xbox One

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If you are a fan of open world games that give you the opportunity to explore a vast open world and do pretty much whatever you please, this article is specifically for you! I was recently in the position where I had to choose between a bunch of Xbox One games so I decided to create a buying guide.

Below I list and review 6 of the best open world games for the Xbox One!

Far Cry 4Best OverallFar Cry 4
Watch Dogs xbox oneBudget PickWatch Dogs xbox one

1. Far Cry 4

Our rating: 9 / 10

Far Cry 4

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  • Great story line
  • Excellent environment graphics
  • Non-linear gameplay


  • Slightly too short
  • Some parts are quite repetitive

2. Watch Dogs xbox one

Our rating: 7 / 10

Watch Dogs xbox one

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  • Complex and Thought Provoking
  • Plenty of Side Quests
  • Great Control Scheme
  • Good Graphics


  • Difficulty can be ramped up sharply at times
  • Characters are often quite shallow and one dimensional

Watch Dogs is a sizable open world game by Ubisoft that takes place in the gritty near-future city of Chicago. This is the first game to use the new Disrupt engine, a next-gen engine that is intended to make the in-game world of Watch Dogs one of the most impressive looking game worlds ever created.

Watch Dogs also has a range of hacking tools that are available to the player which allows them to infiltrate any device and give them an advantage when negotiating the city and its underbelly of criminals and miscreants. Of course, this wealth of toys all requires power to run, so the game will need to be powered by a 1.6GHZ processor and 8GB of RAM.

No game that favors stealth over direct combat will be able to stand on just it graphics, so the developers have also added a unique control scheme that will hopefully prove engaging for the player. This control scheme allows players to hack into CCTV cameras, drones, and even other people, so they can plan their attacks before they commit them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best open world game for Xbox one?

There are so many open world games out on the market, but we wanted to get all of our editors together to give you a list of the best open world games available for your Xbox One.

What game has the best open world?

Even though many people may not know it, the open world genre is actually older than video games themselves. It began with text-based adventure games like Zork, The Hobbit, and many of the early adventure games from Sierra. All of the text-based games were open world because nothing in the world existed before the player visited it.

For a while in the 90’s it seemed like any game that didn’t have an open world was missing the mark. But the open world genre has fallen out of favor over the years, so the big games nowadays tend to have very linear and guided play experiences.

But “open world” doesn’t necessarily mean an open world games are all the same, so there’s a lot of variation between them. An open world game can be amazing or terrible.

What is the best free roam game?

Despite the popularity of first-person shooters and the ever-attractive free-to-play MMO, it seems that the open world game genre is growing even stronger in recent years. Open world games have the freedom to take players to the most exotic of locations and have the scope to let them investigate a wide range of issues and subplots. In this genre, it’s not just the game’s storyline that has a deep impact; the open world itself makes a statement.

So what are the best open world games out there? Just take a look at this list and you’ll get a sampling of the finest in gaming.

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

What are the best open world games for ps4?

There are already enough games out there to keep most people busy for months, if not years. Below are just a few of the best open world games for the PlayStation 4.


The games that we have chosen for this page to be the best open world games for xbox one include a wide variety of genres. The common factor they all share is that they are all open world games that will have you exploring many different locations just to see what secrets you can find. Read on to find out just what games we have chosen.

Our Recommendation

Far Cry 4Best OverallFar Cry 4
Watch Dogs xbox oneBudget PickWatch Dogs xbox one