11 of the Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases (list)

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It’s almost time!

Rumors are circulating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be April 2014. In fact, a tipster sent me this photo this morning:

I’m not saying you should believe it just yet, but if the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is your most burning question you will be pleased to read about some new cases that have been announced for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

There’s more reason to be excited than just new cases though.

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be more Water Resistant to allow people to swim with their handsets and the screen will be larger.

In this article I did some digging around and found new Samsung Galaxy S5 cases for your forthcoming upgrade.

Spigen Ultra Fit DesignedBest OverallSpigen Ultra Fit Designed

1. Spigen Ultra Fit Designed

Our rating: 9 / 10

Spigen Ultra Fit Designed

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  • Slim and lightweight
  • Easy snap on and off
  • Doesn’t add bulk to the phone


  • Made of glossy plastic
  • The high gloss finish attracts a lot of dust
  • The smooth matte back finish on the Galaxy S5 may be hard to apply the Ultra Fit case onto

If you don’t like cases that add bulk to your sleek Galaxy S5, you will love the Spigen Ultra Fit. This case leaves no room for complaint. This case is almost a perfect fit, and in no way impairs the function of the device. The flexibility and slipperiness of the case should also be considered. It’s the perfect combination of style and function.

One of the most popular Samsung Galaxy S5 cases, the ultra fit is ultra slim and ultra thin at just 0.35mm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Galaxy s5 still a good phone in 2019?

If you’re still rocking the Galaxy S5, you’re not alone. While most of the S5’s software has been outclassed by updated offerings, it can still hold its own against some of the best Android phones on the market today. What’s more, it contains a removable battery and a micro SD card slot. Features that are terrible for design but great for owners of less impressive flagships.

Given its excellent camera and fingerprint scanner, as well as water resistance, the Galaxy S5 is still a very good choice and, with a little piece of mind, justifiable.

Is the Samsung Galaxy s5 outdated?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy s5 was released in 2014 so it is definitely a little dated in terms of the hardware. It still does have a great AMOLED screen and it has a very solid camera so it is still a good phone. It has not aged as gracefully as the iphone 5 though.

What are the best cases for Samsung s10?

It’s not the most attractive option, but the official S10 case works! It’s clear, soft and has good cut outs.

The Orzly Hybrid is another case that’s good and offers great protection. But, I don’t like the buttons on it through.

My top cases for the Galaxy S10 are the UAG Plyo and the Speck Presidio Grip.

The UAG case is rugged, durable, and offers great drop protection without adding much bulk. It also has a nice matte finish. The buttons are easy to press and the cut outs are accurate as well. The Speck case is decent and has softer edges, but the buttons aren’t as easy to hard.

You can also refer to the list below:

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Is the Samsung s5 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is resistant to water and humidity, but it’s not waterproof and shouldn’t be treated as such. The Galaxy S5 can handle some splashing and basic exposure to water, but it’s not something you should throw around the pool or submerge underwater.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a popular choice for those looking to get themselves a new smartphone with all the bells and whistles – and who like to play it safe. Well, it looks like Samsung might want to take a cue from Apple and really amp it up with the next iteration of their flagship smartphone. As usual, they’re likely going to stick with Android over Windows Mobile or Blackberry, the latter being quite distant third place in the smartphone market.

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Spigen Ultra Fit DesignedBest OverallSpigen Ultra Fit Designed