10 of the Best Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases

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If you live in an area with an active lifestyle, you’d know that being able to use your smartphone outdoors is not an option. You’re going to need a waterproof iphone 6 case.

With your smartphone accounting for over 50% of your daily communication and 90% of your entertainment , having a case that can protect your smartphone against water, dirt, snow or adventure is very important.

Below, you’ll find reviews of the best waterproof iPhone 6 cases to protect your smartphone in just about any situation.

LifeProof FRĒ iPhone 6 ONLY Waterproof CaseBudget PickLifeProof FRĒ iPhone 6 ONLY Waterproof Case


Our rating: 9 / 10


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  • Solid bumper protection with the shock absorption and scratch resistance
  • Dual layer design and slide mechanism with raised beveled edges
  • Tactical design with easy access to controls, ports and functions of phone
  • The holster provides the protection from accidental fall
  • Textured anti-slip surface offers the amazing grip


  • Built-in screen protector is not as clear as original glass screen
  • The ridges on sides are uncomfortable to hold

The Unicorn Beetle Pro Case is the perfect choice for those of you looking for the best Apple iPhone 6 case.

This rugged case is designed with built-in screen protector and dual layer protection against drops and scratches. The dual layers are designed to absorb the shock from accidental falls.

Also, the special shock absorbing dents on the phone will give your phone better protection against bumps, drops and scratches. The dual layer design and slide mechanism are used for added protection. The tactile buttons featured on the case provide excellent feel in use.

2. LifeProof FRĒ iPhone 6 ONLY Waterproof Case

Our rating: 7 / 10

LifeProof FRĒ iPhone 6 ONLY Waterproof Case

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  • Guaranteed to protect your phone from water, snow, dirt, sand, and even drops up to 6.6 feet
  • Enhanced audio port protection, to ensure the highest quality sound is transmitted to you with no buzzing, cracking or interference
  • 4.7" only version available, but LifeProof claims they'll be releasing an upgrade for the 5.5" version soon.
  • Very easy to install and remove
  • Full screen protection
  • Very solid feel, not at all flimsy


  • Can be a little slippery sometimes, so maybe invest in a slip-proof screen protector
  • Don’t drop it! 😀

The LifeProof FRĒ is a fantastic choice that has all the little extra features that help to justify its relatively high price point. With a waterproof rating of 6.6ft (or 2m), you can submerge this case in liquid with nothing to fear!

There are plenty of cases out there that offer protection from water and dirt and LifeProof is not the only one that does. But what makes this one stand out is that it has a built in screen protector, integrated audio port protection, and it’s compatible with other LifeProof accessories.

3. Griffin Survivor Case

Our rating: 5 / 10

Griffin Survivor Case

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  • The case is available in multiple colors
  • Elaborate and reliable shock protection system
  • The built-in screen protector keeps your screen safe
  • You can use it underwater up to 6.6 ft.

Griffin’s Survivor Case for iPhone 6 is the best option for full protection from any tough situation. It’s waterproof (up to 6.6 ft), crush-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and drop-proof (it will survive drops from up to 6 ft).

This durable case also comes with a built-in screen protector. So, you don’t have to worry about scratching your screen, even if it’s underwater. You can also add your credit/debit cards to the case for on-the-go shopping.

The only downside is that this case is bulky, so it isn’t convenient for those who want to wear their phone in their shirts (like what sales people wear). But if you love wearing your phone in your belt loops, then it’s a great option.

4. iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

Our rating: 5 / 10

iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

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  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Hydro-Shield technology
  • Vibrant colors
  • Reasonable price


  • User reviews rate it as a poor product
  • Not waterproof
  • Difficult to safeguard the mute button
  • Cover won’t lock in place

This waterproof case for your iPhone 6, up to a maximum depth of up to 6.6 feet, is a product of Ghostek (the leading manufacturer of waterproof iPhone cases).

The case is an epitome of simplicity in its design. It comes in a rubber, matte black compact design with a transparent back that allows the color of the iPhone 6 to come through, with Ghostek’s logo towards the bottom, secured by 3.5 mm jack that is accessible both in and out of the case.

This iPhone 6 case delivers water resistance without breaking a sweat. The case is shock absorbent and has anti-dust and scratch resistance. It is recessed in the front so that the screen is protected, with Ghostek’s GHOSTEK Hydro Shield technology integrated into the case. This technology is used to resist water pressure of up to 100 meters, is completely waterproof and even allows usage underwater.

5. H2NO Drybags-IPX8 Certified Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Case

Our rating: 5 / 10

H2NO Drybags-IPX8 Certified Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Case

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  • Waterproof and air-tight (submergible to 100 feet)
  • Easy to use latch
  • Affordable

The H2NO DryBags are the best waterproof iPhone 6 cases around as they’re super affordable yet are made with IPX8 waterproof technology.

An IP code (or Ingress Protection code) is a two digit number that allows you to easily identify a product’s level of dust and water resistance. So basically, an IPX8 means that it’s absolutely water proof and can resist powerful water jets.

The DryBags also have an easy to use latch and they’re completely waterproof – up to 100 feet. Due to their built-in handles, they’re versatile, and you can attach them to your backpack or other luggage easily.

6. I-YOUNG Waterproof Heavy Duty Case-Waterproof Shockproof SnowProof DirtProof Durable Case Cover

Our rating: 1 / 10

I-YOUNG Waterproof Heavy Duty Case-Waterproof Shockproof SnowProof DirtProof Durable Case Cover

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  • Great value
  • Very easy to clean
  • Unique design
  • Multiple colors and designs available

We found the I-YOUNG waterproof heavy duty case to be best suited for the iPhone 6. The 11 color designs are a nice touch and the 3D molded plastic shell provides excellent shock and drop protection, as well as a soft shock absorption shell to protect your face from scratches.

What’s great about this case is that it’s not only waterproof and dust proof, but it also handles extreme temperatures and is snow and dirt resistance.

The I-YOUNG case has a touch-through design, a concept popularized by Apple’s own iPod Touch cases. This allows you to still stay in contact with your touchscreen whenever you want. The latch on the bottom is a standard design, and it locks in place and provides a tight fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best waterproof case for iPhone 6?

Pelican has long been leading the market for waterproof hard cases, and they have completely reinvented their lineup for the iPhone 6. The classic Pelican case is tough yet elegant and available is a variety of solid and mostly muted colors.

The New Pelican case is designed more as a waterproof bag that slips over your iPhone 6. This makes it completely waterproof, even under water, while still making accessing your iPhone a breeze. Best of all, the case has a built in headphone jack extension so you can use any headphone (or charging cable) without having to remove the case.

What are the best waterproof iPhone cases?

There are a lot of waterproof iPhone 6 cases out there, but some are made more for swimming, while others are made for showers. There are some cases that are great for water sports. There is even a case that is waterproof, but also has room for you to store stuff. The cases are made by different brands, including Speck and Griffin, and there are several that have a design more fashionable than your regular protective cases.

What is the best waterproof phone case?

For the average person, drops and spills are a part of everyday life and water is an all too common occurrence. It’s important to have a waterproof phone case that really does the job. I’ve got a favorite in all of the cases listed here. If you’re like me and tend to drop your phone a lot, it’s worth it to spend the extra cash on a good case.

Is the 10 iPhone waterproof?

Yes. Apple has finally made a waterproof iPhone version. It is not marketed as waterproof (hence the question mark), but many reports online and independent testing have shown that it is indeed waterproof…just like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Remember, all water-resistant phones have a small opening for the microphone, speaker, and charging port, which they must have to function properly. This is the case with the iPhone as well. Even if it is water-resistant or waterproof, it will still perform poorly if it is submerged for too long.

My advice for you to protect your Apple iPhone 6 in the water is to protect its ports and put a waterproof case or bag over the phone so water does not drip into the ports.


The smartphone is an essential element of everyday life today, and a nifty waterproof iPhone case is an important investment if you want to continue using your phone during outdoor activities. This article has reviewed 10 of the best waterproof iPhone 6 cases. The reviewers have been looking at some really high quality choices and we trust that you will be impressed with the reviews below.

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LifeProof FRĒ iPhone 6 ONLY Waterproof CaseBudget PickLifeProof FRĒ iPhone 6 ONLY Waterproof Case