10 of the Biggest, Most Challengingly Awesome Lego Sets You Can Kill a Weekend Building in 2022 (list)

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I know…these days you would think that Lego is losing its appeal…but not so much!

Not only is Lego fun to build and play with, it is also one of the most creative toys you can give to your kids. Most of the time it develops both creativity and logical thinking.

As a child, I remember playing with lego blocks and creating and exploring in my own world with my imagination. I built houses, hospitals, schools, airports, and even a train station.

For me, lego was not just a game; it was a part of my life. Sadly, with time, the fun of playing with the lego blocks slowly faded.

It is not that I lost interest in the game. It’s just that I am busy being a grownup, and sometimes, we have to look after our kids. I just do not have the time or energy to play with them.

But now that my kids are growing up, I could think of no better way to spend time with them than to play with Lego. It is not a simple…

LEGO Star Wars Death StarBest OverallLEGO Star Wars Death Star
LEGO Tower Bridge 10214Budget PickLEGO Tower Bridge 10214
LEGO 10030Upgrade PickLEGO 10030

1. LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Our rating: 9 / 10

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

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  • Fun to build with a friend
  • Full-on experience because you can play out Lego set scenarios
  • Satisfying payoff because it’s almost like a Lego decoration once built


  • You need to own at least a few other sets to get the most experience out of this set
  • You may want more modern sets which have more movable and functional features

The Death Star is a great set. It comes with over 4,000 pieces and offers full Star Wars set scenarios that can be built onto. You can have the finished piece looking like its seen in the movie complete with minifigures and lights.

It’s quite an investment to buy, but will last you a really long time. Not to mention you can build new sets on top of it. They seem to be pretty durable so that should also help you make your money back.

2. LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema

Our rating: 9 / 10

LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema

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  • Interior lights help you admire your handiwork
  • Large enough to display many of your favorite minifigure characters
  • Split level design lets you keep the fun going on both floors
  • Doors open and close with one hand
  • Brick-built popcorn machines are an excellent detail

The Lego Creator Palace Cinema is one of the most challenging, most addicting, and biggest sets on our list.

This model is based on a real-life cinema located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has intricately detailed facades and seating that can accommodate as many as 12 minifigures – at a time.

The underside of the Palace Cinema has three magnetic screens where you can display your favorite minifigures. This keeps things from getting too cluttered.

3. LEGO Creator 10224 Town Hall

Our rating: 9 / 10

LEGO Creator 10224 Town Hall

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  • Well-designed set with great attention to detail
  • You can truly feel how much work went into designing this
  • Features a coffee shop, bar, hotel, theater, bakery, and even a tanning salon
  • Will keep you busy for hours and hours of fun
  • The building is on a 16-inch height.
  • You can easily add your own personal touches
  • This set is large, has lots of pieces, and requires a slightly more complicated assembly process relative to others.


  • You should be certain you want a big, time-consuming project if you buy this set because it will keep you busy—for a while.
  • You’ll have to use your own design ideas to create your own buildings from this one.
  • This is definitely not a Lego set for the impatient, and not one you can complete easily in one sitting.

The Lego set appeals to builders of all ages. It requires approximately 7,400 pieces, which means you’ll be building for a while. But the finished product is totally worth it. With three stories, 26 rooms, and 8,142 bricks, the finished model stands 1.1 feet high and 2.7 feet wide.

4. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221

Our rating: 8 / 10

LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221

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  • The Super Star Destroyer is the ultimate display piece for fans of the Empire.

AI-controlling, remote-controlled, 1,500-brick model measures over 11-inches high and 8-inches long. If you want to spend a weekend building something huge and challenging, look no further. If something goes wrong during half-way, you can request customer service’s help via phone.

5. Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

Our rating: 8 / 10

Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

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  • Builds Into a Huge Model
  • Has a TON of Pieces
  • Has the Lego Set Look


  • Expensive
  • Timing Is Challenging

The Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle set is a large sized spaceship consisting of 1071 pieces. What’s incredibly cool about this model is the amount and quality of pieces included in it.

The Imperial Shuttle is a symbol of luxury and style, and this model looks like it out of the movies. It comes with gold plated metals, reflective black tiles, and includes a display stand.

If you’ve never built a Lego set before the instructions can be a challenge to decipher. But Lego does a good job explaining how they’ve put together the parts in the most efficient way.

6. LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

Our rating: 8 / 10

LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

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  • If you’re looking for a modern skyscraper for your city, this is a great choice
  • Lots of characters and accessories
  • The set is very big and comes with a lot of pieces
  • Sturdy and well-designed pieces
  • Can be played with in many different ways
  • Includes a lot of unique details, like revolving, raising, and falling sections


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Really big, so make sure you have the space for it
  • Very complex and time-consuming to build
  • Might be too old for very young kids

This impressively large LEGO skyscraper is a great way for older kids to immerse themselves in an indoor play experience like nothing else. If you’re a fan of LEGO and have some extra money to spend, this set is definitely worth a look.

The set is much cheaper on Amazon than it is on the official LEGO website.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper that’s just as fun, I also highly recommend this LEGOs Star Wars Dagobah X-wing Ground Set.

7. LEGO Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-AT 10178

Our rating: 7 / 10

LEGO Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-AT 10178

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  • Visually stunning
  • Very challenging to build
  • Very detailed model

(Est. 1,210 Pieces)

LEGO is one of the biggest names in the construction toys category, and for good reason. This is a brand that truly understands that children can learn a lot about engineering and creativity by simply playing with their toys. Case in point is their model of the Star Wars AT-AT Walker, a masterpiece when it comes to inventions and imaginative play.

This LEGO set features a design that is designed to fit small LEGO figures, and it’s no wonder that it’s so appealing to kids who love Star Wars. They will love watching the motorized sets make them walk like they’re alive. It also features an amazingly detailed cockpit that promises to give kids lots and lots of fun.

8. LEGO Creator Green Grocer

Our rating: 6 / 10

LEGO Creator Green Grocer

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  • >1700 pieces
  • Kids can spend hours working on this build
  • Lots of cool features
  • Includes detailed pieces such as a shopping cart, a jewelry display, and a check-out stand


  • Instruction manual is very detailed so it can be difficult to follow
  • Not uncommon for pieces to break

The LEGO Creator Green Grocer is a standout set from one of the most renowned names in toys today. This highly-detailed kit features a 2-story shop, an ATV, two mini hand trucks and a desk with a sliding drawer. The gate can be opened, the streetlight can be switched on and off.

Characters include a customer, a shop assistant and a shop owner. There’s a lot of attention to detail with lots of different pieces for building.

Admittedly, I thought it was a little complicated to follow the instructions, but it’s understandable given the sheer number of pieces and the fact that they offer increased clarity and better detail.

9. Lego Star Wars Death Star II

Our rating: 5 / 10

Lego Star Wars Death Star II

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  • Should keep you busy for a long time
  • Can be connected with other Star Wars Lego sets


  • Very old – discontinued by manufacturer
  • Steep price tag

Keep the Empire out of your bedroom by building an impressive Death Star battle station. With over 4,000 pieces and several little Lego Star Wars characters, it's a challenging build that'll take a long time to complete. But, hey, there's never enough Death Star projects to keep you busy, so go for it. It's not like you have other things to do.

Fighting the Imperial Forces in the forest moon of Endor is the perfect plan. Get ready to cross the bridge to Yoda's treehouse, then get ready to hide from the AT-ST Killer Scout Walker. And if you're really, really unlucky, both at the same time.

Lego claims this is a beginner's level set, but it's more of an intermediate-level one because it's time-consuming. It's not all bad, though. You get two Ewoks and Han Solo wearing an Endor outfit.

10. LEGO 10030

Our rating: 4 / 10

LEGO 10030

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most difficult Lego to build?

There are many different variable that can make a certain Lego set harder or easier for you to put together, so it’s tough to determine which one is the “hardest” overall. It may take more time to put together with a larger number of pieces, but it might be easier to piece by piece (and thus it ends up being faster overall). The difficulty of a building set is also different for kids versus adults; a six-year-old trying to put together a Lego set on their own might actually consider it easier than an adult who is less likely to have the patience and attention-span to concentrate on it for a long time.

What are the top 5 biggest Lego sets?

Lego set 7781 comes with 4,002 pieces, making it not only one of the biggest Lego sets but also one of the biggest toys out there.

Lego set 10218 is another large offering that has 3,348 pieces, a great addition to any Lego city.

Lego set 6939 is something completely different and also one of the biggest sets you can find with 3,444 pieces that help you create an underwater scuba diving scene.

Lego set 10247 is a race car-type set. Its 3,599 pieces make it a great challenge for any adult looking to blow off some steam.

Set 31011 is the eighth biggest Lego set, with 2,922 pieces, and is a pirate ship.

What are the biggest Lego sets?

Not to be outdone, Lego recently announced new "Ultimate Collector's Series" sets for 2019. With massive pieces and a dedicated play book, these are not for the faint of heart. Some of the new Lego sets coming this year include a life-sized model of a fire truck, a "Back to the Future" DeLorean with miniature Marty McFly and Doc Brown Lego figures, a Lego "Star Wars" Imperial star destroyer, a massive Lego Millennium Falcon, and a model of Hogwarts.

What is the biggest Lego set in the World 2019?

If you want an answer to the what is the biggest Lego set in the World, then you should check out the new, expensive Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters.

The Firehouse Headquarters is the biggest Lego set in the world, and the biggest Lego set of all time, with a piece count of 5,922. It has 7 minifigures, two of which have a proton pack and a ghost trap. The scale is perfect for the old Lego sets it resembles, it’s 8 inches in height, 17 inches in length and 9 inches deep. It comes with swinging doors, too, so you can “open sesame!” on the bad guys. The Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters is the kind of thing you could only slap together in your boyhood dreams.


Legos are great fun for kids of all ages, (the true fun comes when they can build their sets independently without parental help). As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Legos, there’s an additional benefit to these special toys. Which is that they can help kids build manual dexterity and infuse them with a sense of accomplishment. The next logical question many parents ask is which one is the best lego set?

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LEGO Star Wars Death StarBest OverallLEGO Star Wars Death Star
LEGO Tower Bridge 10214Budget PickLEGO Tower Bridge 10214
LEGO 10030Upgrade PickLEGO 10030