14 of the Most Tech Advanced Houses (list)

Jason Loomis
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If you love gadgets and have the cash, these amazing houses will definitely impress you.

Check out these incredible houses and apartments equipped with advanced security, computers, and more. All of these features make the houses already worth millions of dollars, but they are still interesting enough to be on this list.

The properties we have chosen come from around the world. Most of the features are not common in regular homes. Some of them are present in only one or two of the houses. Every house has an indoor swimming pool with underwater music and movie systems in the pool, a beach or a poolside bar, while some of them have a different swimming pool in the back yard.

Each house is carefully selected by our team, and we have tried to choose the best designed houses from around the world. Enjoy browsing through these pictures and let us know which one is your favorite.

This is a seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom Beverly Hills mansion that was designed to be a showcase of everything high-tech. The house is equipped with a 3D security system, LCD television in the master bathroom, a glass-enclosed steam shower in the master bathroom, a biometric fingerprint scanner at the front door entrance, and even a huge, flat screen television inside the elevator. Watch the video after the jump