12 of the Toughest iPhone 5 Cases (list)

Jason Loomis
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This is not a list of the best cases. It is a list of the toughest cases. These are ranked by the ability to with stand a drop test onto the listed surface from a distance of four feet. Most cases don’t fare well with this drop test but these had an excellent survival rate.

This is really the only way to review these cases. You can read the description and specs and judge their appearance. But in the end function is what matters. You could have the prettiest phone case ever. But if it breaks and leaves your phone damaged then it is useless.

A few things to consider when purchasing a case:

  • Drop Protection
  • Durable

{1}. How the case’s function. (e.g. buttons, ports, stand)
{2}. Is the case easy to put on and take off
{3}. How much it will protect your phone with a high impact fall

The first case on the list of the Toughest iPhone 5 Cases (list) is the Azonic Cases Strong Arm Case.

It Has a Durable Polymer Construction and a Polycarbonate Internal

Mold. It also has easy access to camera and flash without having to defender your phone first. This case has a 4 out of 10 drop protection rating.