The Option GlobeSurfer III 3G Router Isn’t Mobile, But It Sure Is Fast

Jason Loomis
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If you are someone who uses the Internet on a constant basis – whether you are researching during your lunch break, shopping for a new item on Amazon, or even just casually checking e-mail before bed – having a good, reliable Internet connection is a must.

If you’re like me, your main disconnects with the Internet are either a simple slow page load or the dreaded “Server Down” error when you are desperately trying to access a site you need to remain on top of.

My Internet provider is reliable enough but not responsive enough. In the evening, I was constantly plagued by slow pages and disconnections. Even though my Internet provider guarantees me “Fast Internet,” my experience wasn’t.

I was looking for a new Internet provider when an attractive new option came onto the market: the GlobeSurfer III 3G Router. Unlike traditional mobile hotspots, the GlobeSurfer III 3G Router does not need a smartphone for its connection. This means your phone doesn’t have to be constantly missing or accidentally getting left at home. I was in love at first sight, but would it work for me?