Razor’s Crazy Cart XL Is Drifting Fun For Adults

Jason Loomis
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Razor Crazy Cart XL is a whopping 20% larger than its predecessor, the Crazy Cart.

That means more drifting and skidding fun. When you’re trying to stay in control on this crazy ride, you will appreciate that the traction-molded front plastic support beams are now sturdier and the rear foosball head and seat belts are more ergonomic.

Razor claims the cart can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. That is pretty fast for a drift cart with foot pedals.

Electric powered with a six-hour charge time from a 110-volt outlet, the cart comes with a battery charger and a five-foot lead and plays a rockin’ soundtrack. You can also power the cart with muscle power, if you have some left from last night’s beer fun.

What is in the Box:

Crazy Cart XL


Twin front racing tires and rear foosball-shaped skid pad.

Fast and easy assembly.

Easy-to-remove bicycle style handle bars for those who don’t wanna drift but rather cycle.

Foot pedals with hinged non-skid plates for better grip.

20% larger than its predecessor, the Crazy Cart.

6-hour charge time from 110 Volt outlet.