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DeleteMe Keeps You Safe Online

Even if you're not a celebrity, your online personal information is crucial to your safety.

In "The Circle," a satirical book and movie that came out earlier this year, one of the main characters, Mae, lives a nightmare.

Her social media accounts were hacked and tons of personal info were revealed on the Internet. Later, she is kidnapped and then murdered by a deranged fan.

Unfortunately, there are real-life works of fiction like this. In 2013, Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered by a deranged fan who found her on Google and contacted her via email, phone, and fan mail. In 2012, a man was found guilty of murdering a female relative after searching for her on Google.

Hollywood is not the only place you'll find examples of this phenomenon. In October 2014, a man killed a seven-year-old girl in Belgium after finding the girl and her parents' house on Google Street View.

Even if you think you're an anonymous nobody, personal data revealed on social media can allow strangers to discover your home and business addresses, as well as your phone number.

With an email address and a phone number, criminals could use reverse Google search to find out your personal information, picture, and hobbies. Armed with this data, it's much easier for a would-be criminal to find you.

The Process is Easy

The process to remove yourself from Google is actually really easy, however the decision to do so, as with most things, is not one that should be made lightly.

If you’re getting married, changing your name, or are a public figure, it’s a good idea to control your online identity.

Further, if you are worried about your personal information being released via data breaches, then you will also want to think about permanently removing yourself from the search giant.

As of May 2014, there were a little over 800 million active monthly users, and they are not all using it for research and educational purposes.

If you want to make all of your personal information available to strangers, family, friends, employers, stalkers, competitors, and future employers, then you can quit here.

However, most people reading this don’t want their personal information published for the world to see and to use against them.

Having said that, unlike many other companies out there, Google is actually very good about revealing how and where to remove your personal information from.

If you are dealing with a lot of personal information from Google (Gmail, G+, Blogger, Picassa, etc.), here is a link to their Remove My Personal Data page.