Saberforge Custom Lightsabers Let You Wield The Force Your Way

Jason Loomis
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Many people have an idea of the lightsaber of their dreams when they ponder what it would be like to wield a lightsaber, and that dream may vary in significant ways. Some are looking for a small practice lightsaber to hold and stunt stage while others are looking for a fully functional weapon full of features like a Crystal Focus chamber complete with an activation button that is accompanied with sound.

The perfect lightsaber for you is out there and finding it is easier now thanks to Saberforge, the premier custom saber design and fabrication company. Saberforge custom sabers allow you to get exactly what you want in terms of size, shape, function, sound and other attributes to make your most fanatical fantasies come to fruition.

In creating your lightsaber design, you can choose from nearly two dozen different materials and colors in the handle, blade and pommel. You can also select options for customization like sound, a crystal chamber, bright LED's and a built-in rechargeable battery. If you would like to work with a blade that can externalize power, there is the option for a 12W high output blade that reaches half a meter in length.

You can also create a bar or ring saber with an internal wavy blade and other options.