Samsung Slim Fry Microwave Designed For Healthy Eaters, Will Fry Foods Without A Deep Fryer Or Skillet

Jason Loomis
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Unfortunately, food cooked in a traditional manner, which is typically fried or roasted in oil, has the tendency to be unhealthy because many of its nutrients are cooked off. This is where microwave technology comes in. While the standard microwave heats a food from the outside, in to the inside, the Slim Fry zaps food from the inside out, leaving all the healthy nutrients intact.

This is possible due to the very powerful 12 amps which circulate air within the microwave cavity, keeping the food crispy on the outside, while cooking it thoroughly. There is also an intelligent chip, which senses the cooking conditions and adjusts the power levels automatically. It also monitors the power levels, to prevent over-cooking, which can happen during the overheating of frozen foods.

The plate is non-stick, which means that cooking oils or fats are not required during cooking. This allows you to further avoid fat and unhealthy ingredients.